Open Your Conscious Mind


Have you heard the expression “Expand Your Consciousness”? 

It is a term used within the Law of Attraction. Personally, the term I prefer is .

Within the words we use, our definitions often come from our perspective, not necessarily their “official” definitions.


For example:

Expand means to become or make larger or more extensive.

Open means allowing access, passage, or a view through the space; not closed or blocked.

For me, open is what I have had to do with my consciousness as I combine it with my mindfulness practice. Going to the “empty space” that is not closed or blocked by old patterns, my limiting beliefs, and the auto-pilot, unconscious responses.

Mindfulness is the key to opening that conscious mind.  The empty space is the doorway to our inner self, the true intuitive place where our answers lie.  It’s in there buried beneath the external beliefs and thoughts we have taken on throughout our lives.   That empty space is where creativity, happiness, and our potential life.

When we gain access and allow passage of those inner feelings and “knowings” we can view ourselves through a different lens of perspective.

  Empowering your Mind & Muse

 My tagline is Empowering your Mind & Muse.  The word empowering is defined as something that makes you more confident and makes you feel that you are in control of your life.  The word muse is the place of wonder and marvel and gives us the wherewithal to think about things carefully and thoughtfully.

Knowledge is power.   When we become more aware of our thoughts, our feelings, and our conscious thinking combined with honoring our muse and the wonderment and joy of what we have to offer, we have arrived at the place of confidence and joy.

 6 Components to Our Whole Self

Art & Creativity and is a mindful practice.  Think about it.  It is truly a place where we are in the moment.  It can bring us closer to integrating our whole self.  There are 6 components to our whole self.

Mental: thoughts, intellect, gaining of knowledge

Emotional: feelings that come in and out all day long like waves, and the deeper emotional current that is your more constant state.

Spiritual: intuition, inner guidance, your expression and experience of God, Higher Power, Source

Physical: your actual body that you can see and touch and all the inner systems and organs of your body such as, nervous system, heart, lungs, etc.

Energetic: the part of our self that we “sense” with, also called an aura, in yoga referred to as the Chakra system

Self-Expression: our voice, what is ours to say and share, how we share our gifts with others, our unique talents, and passions

When we open our consciousness and empower the mind & muse, we move toward the wholeness that goes beyond just mind, body, spirit.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


Love & Light


Is Mindfulness Really Law of Attraction?

Is Mindfulness really just a form of the Law Of Attraction?

This is a question I have been pondering quite a bit lately.  First thoughts, of course, are that is probably just my perspective; especially since my coaching certifications are in Law of Attraction (allowing success) and mindfulness.

But, as I continue my path of discovering and accepting who I am within, I believe that a mindful practice is tapping into the “Vortex” as it is referred to by Abraham-Hicks, the ones who wrote the book of the Law of Attraction. The first step to understanding the law of attraction isn’t just about “The Secret”. It is learning or at least acknowledging all 12 of the Universal Laws. I consider these laws the true 12 steps to recovery.  The recovery of who you truly are, the recovery of your spirit.  Within these 12 steps, the law of attraction is actually  Law number 7.

These 12 Laws have become my roadmap. It makes sense to me in a way like no other. I will be delving into these more in the coming weeks,  as I prepare for my upcoming workshop and publication of a few more books.



Mindful Tip of the Week

As Above, So Below

My Mantra for living life:    As Above, So Below.

For me that means:  The Moon, the Stars, the Sun, the clouds in the sky are here to remind us that life on earth is linked to those constants that we may not always see but we know they are there.  We are part of a larger universe than just our day to day existence.

To learn a bigger understand, the ground work for mindfulness, read the 12 Universal Laws

In the coming weeks, there will be more , on this subject.

Until then….  read them and see how they make you feel……




Practice What You Preach

Have you ever gone in search of “Your Purpose”?


I think we all, at some point in our lives, question our purpose, what we are here to do.  I know for a long time, my purpose was to teach.  But not necessarily in the traditional standards of school teacher.

I have been a group facilitator, a vocational instructor, lead workshop and an on the job trainer.  However, all of these things have never been a full-time job for me.  Always something I did – in addition to my full time job.  It has suited me well.   It gives me a balance of security from a regular, steady paycheck and my inner desire to help others.

One thing, that has always been the basis of what I teach, is to “practice what I preach”.  Hence, the start of my current path.  I have dabbled in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for years.  More stops than starts, actually.  It is hard to admit, sometimes, but my body image often stopped me from teaching this. Of course, I would share my passions and beliefs with those close to me, but putting myself out there to share with those I don’t know, often over rode the passion.

After a year of conscious, deliberate actions to renew my spiritual path, embark on a journey to find happiness, or even just a little less stress, mizmindful was born.  I had to learn to step out of my own way, allow things to unfold with a lot of self-compassion and to practice what I preach.   Deliberate actions ;the context of GOALS that I talked about in my last post.

As I stated on that post, my intentions for January, is to use my own Mindful Movement Intention and Activity Tracker Book and to start a more consistent practice with Curvy Yoga.

The mindful movement tracker is also about setting intentions.   Inside the book is a weekly movement tracker asking for your Moto of the Week.  It is followed by daily pages that ask the questions:

Today I will be mindful of:

Here’s what would make today great:

I am:

Some amazing things that happened today:

What could I have done to make today better:

I intend to share my progress here every week.

I will start the tracker on Monday.  My curvy yoga app is on my phone and this weekend it will be on my Fire Stick and my Roku.  I am in the progress of choosing my yoga practices and setting myself up for success.  Where the mindfulness will come into play is paying attention to my thoughts.

Taken from the back cover:

Movement isn’t just about exercise.  Exercise can sometimes be a dirty word fueling all types of negative self-talk and harsh attitudes. Exercise for some of us directly ties to weight loss.

The overall intention is to learn to be aware of how we feel when we take the weight issues out of exercise and to learn the blessings and benefits of movement.

How do you feel about exercise?   I would love it if you join me as when I practice what I preach I also learn from those that share too…… You don’t have to purchase the book to join in.  Write down the daily questions and make a plan for your daily movements. But I have provided the link if you want…..

See you next week!



Old School or New Age


This post has been ruminating around in my thoughts for quite awhile.  The use of mindfulness begins to expand your thoughts and lead you to discoveries about yourself that can give you the feeling of ding1 ding! ding! all light bulbs on!

One of my biggest passions is history.  Not the dates and events kind of history but the stories behind how things came to be. The people, the traditions, the basis of how it started.  Things as simple (or complicated) as word definitions and how they evolved or changed over time.  Stories behind our history, our traditions, our values and how the changes of each generation come into play.

Old School and New Age is one of those stories for me.  I set out, many years ago, looking at all those things considered new age.  Being an Aquarian, I thought I might look at the “age of Aquarius stuff – but that’s another story.  My , my inner being, is a mixed bag of old traditional values combined with an often insatiable curiosity of new, sometimes considered woo-woo, non traditional thinking.  

What I have discovered is it really isn’t as much old school versus new age but an inner passion of wanting to bridge the Eastern versus Western cultural and societal beliefs.  It all started with what has become one of my favorite all time quotes. 

Wisdom begins in Wonder. ~Socrates~

Socrates never wrote any of his teachings.  They were shared by others, especially Plato.  Socrates mantra, so to speak, was “Know Thyself” and it is more about allowing the student to come to their own learning by their questions, not their answers. But I digress.

Recently, I discovered Earl Nightingale and the Strangest Secret. (published in 1957)  I have followed the Law of Attraction, primarily Abraham Hicks versions and have always considered this “New Age”. However, after discovering a You Tube videos of Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill (of Think and Grow Rich fame- published in 1937) I had to question just how much New Age is it really?!

History does repeat itself, in the context of changes to fit the perspective of the time, place and social constructs of the present time.  Without the knowledge of the history, it just seems new.  Whether it is considered old school or new age or something in between, it has all followed a path of philosophy.

I discover more every day how important the practice of mindfulness is. Our frenzied minds distract us from the everyday moments that can show us who we truly are.  Mindfulness helps us to come out from behind our masks and to learn to live authentically.  Learning to live in the moment, with non-judgement, seems like a daunting task but it starts to come easily the more you practice.  It teaches us to honor the truly important things in life.  

These words of Maya Angelou (another favorite of mine) describe what mindfulness helps me to do:

Like the oxygen mask story, As I take care of myself, which includes knowing myself and trying to have my actions follow my inner beliefs, then people will remember me because of  how I made them feel, simply because I came from the perspective of doing that for myself. 

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ~Maya Angelou~


It’s not what you say to yourself or how you have previously did, but how you make yourself feel in this moment!

What do you think about Old School versus New Age?


Continue reading “Old School or New Age”

Gift of Gratitude

Most of my life, I have felt that I have walked on an unbeaten path. While those on the outside may not have seen that, I felt it on the inside. It felt, as if, I traveled the careful and calculated road of responsibility and “adulting”, while on the inside was the stirring of constant childlike wonder and the passionate pursuit to discover just what makes the imagination soar. Living in the clouds, they would say. Somewhere over the rainbow, others saw. But simply an inner longing for ways to bridge the connection to my authentic self, that inner voice of art and blowing bubbles and dancing on a whim, the freedom of not wanting to care what others thought of me with who I thought I was suppose to be.

Walking my unbeaten path involved metaphysical forms, eastern religious practices, and an undying curiosity of all the things from tarot cards, astrology, numerology, essential oils, mindfulness, meditation, the moon’s energy, and much, much more. The pursuit of finding a connection to that undefined source, the one that puts you in a flow that creates great things, the one that you believe in your heart but others think are a little “off”. Not rational, Not realistic. But for me, the belief so strong, it couldn’t be stopped. It was put aside because others would think you were crazy. At the same time the overwhelming inner thoughts were driving you crazy more.

Today I am grateful to that unbeaten path and the steps I take along that road. I want to share my gratitude and for today and tomorrow (11-24-19 and 11-25-19) one of the mindful seeing e-books, “Off the Beaten Path” is my gift to you. Simply click on the book image and it will take you to Amazon. (BTW it is an affiliate link) If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle Reader app on to any device!

I Just Want to be Happy

How many times in life, often in desperation, have you said, “I just want to be happy!”. That, honestly, is one of the most loaded statements we can say. Happiness is a choice is a common response from others but happiness comes from what we attach to our meaning of happiness. Mindfulness can be a key component to the foundation of “just being happy”.

Where we, as humans, believe that happiness is based on the externals like money, relationships, & honestly, a million other things, TRUE happiness is about the connection with have with our inner selves. Some call that intuition or authenticity, but it is simply is the connection of our state of mind, our intended focus, and our actions.

Harvard researcher, Matt Killingsworth, did a study of what makes us happy. 15,000 people from every different economic, ethnic, and education were used in the study. The research showed, beyond a doubt, that we are happiest when we are in the moment and least happy when our mind is wandering or . In other words, to be in the zone and go with its flow!

Using mindfulness is the easiest and fastest way to get in the zone.

  1. Pause. Take 3 full deep breaths.
  2. Focus all your attention on the present moment
  3. Slowly, with deliberate intention and movement., engage in your activity.
  4. Stay in the moment.  If your mind begins to wander or goes into autopilot, gently bring yourself back to what you were doing

One of the exercises I use in my workshop uses a piece of chocolate. Using all of your 5 senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight, you slowly savor the piece of chocolate.  That is the zone, when your entire focus is simply on a piece of chocolate.  No other thoughts, just full attention on the task at hand..

Say you have an overwhelming deadline to accomplish something.  Your mind wanders to how the hell can I get this done in such a short amount of time.  Instead of focusing on all the reasons you can’t, go to the simple four steps and get in the zone, go with the flow and surprise yourself .

With practice, you can accomplish this in any moment, in any circumstance.  It is about seeing that there are NO ORDINARY MOMENTS.  If you follow the four steps for any task, you will discover the zone and happiness in even the most mundane or uncomfortable moments.  Try it and let me know how it goes.

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