Open Your Conscious Mind


Have you heard the expression “Expand Your Consciousness”? 

It is a term used within the Law of Attraction. Personally, the term I prefer is .

Within the words we use, our definitions often come from our perspective, not necessarily their “official” definitions.


For example:

Expand means to become or make larger or more extensive.

Open means allowing access, passage, or a view through the space; not closed or blocked.

For me, open is what I have had to do with my consciousness as I combine it with my mindfulness practice. Going to the “empty space” that is not closed or blocked by old patterns, my limiting beliefs, and the auto-pilot, unconscious responses.

Mindfulness is the key to opening that conscious mind.  The empty space is the doorway to our inner self, the true intuitive place where our answers lie.  It’s in there buried beneath the external beliefs and thoughts we have taken on throughout our lives.   That empty space is where creativity, happiness, and our potential life.

When we gain access and allow passage of those inner feelings and “knowings” we can view ourselves through a different lens of perspective.

  Empowering your Mind & Muse

 My tagline is Empowering your Mind & Muse.  The word empowering is defined as something that makes you more confident and makes you feel that you are in control of your life.  The word muse is the place of wonder and marvel and gives us the wherewithal to think about things carefully and thoughtfully.

Knowledge is power.   When we become more aware of our thoughts, our feelings, and our conscious thinking combined with honoring our muse and the wonderment and joy of what we have to offer, we have arrived at the place of confidence and joy.

 6 Components to Our Whole Self

Art & Creativity and is a mindful practice.  Think about it.  It is truly a place where we are in the moment.  It can bring us closer to integrating our whole self.  There are 6 components to our whole self.

Mental: thoughts, intellect, gaining of knowledge

Emotional: feelings that come in and out all day long like waves, and the deeper emotional current that is your more constant state.

Spiritual: intuition, inner guidance, your expression and experience of God, Higher Power, Source

Physical: your actual body that you can see and touch and all the inner systems and organs of your body such as, nervous system, heart, lungs, etc.

Energetic: the part of our self that we “sense” with, also called an aura, in yoga referred to as the Chakra system

Self-Expression: our voice, what is ours to say and share, how we share our gifts with others, our unique talents, and passions

When we open our consciousness and empower the mind & muse, we move toward the wholeness that goes beyond just mind, body, spirit.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


Love & Light


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