The Blend of Mindfulness as a Lifestyle

The blending of two worlds can enhance your path to mindfulness as a lifestyle.

Modern western psychology and Ancient eastern meditation practices. In healthcare, mindfulness has 2 essential components.

Focused Attention – noticing and thinking about an object or sensation

Open Monitoring – Noticing thoughts and mental experiences while at the same time using non-judgmental observations.

As of today, I will be adding exercises in different categories where research is proving that living mindfully can increase improvement in numerous areas of our lives.   Areas such as anxiety, depression, PTSD,  ADHD, substance abuse, anger,  and pain management, just to name a few.

Over the past year, mental health which leads to physical health issues has risen in great proportion due to the many areas of life that the COVID pandemic has affected.

My original foundation in mindfulness – before it was a buzzword – was studying Louise Hays – You Can Heal Your Life.  That was the first step toward my focus and curiosity of how the brain works and just how powerful the words we use and the thoughts we think impact much more than we realize.

Journaling and Writing is the second area of my own practice.  That started with Julia Cameron – The Artist Way.  That in and of itself is a mindful exercise.  It puts you in the moment without judgment if you follow her morning pages theory.

Let me know in the comments what areas you would like to see some mindfulness exercises.  Today, you will find a few for pain management.

As always

Love & Light



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