Exercise for Changing Negative Thoughts

Most of us experience being on a negative thought train. Learning to be a compassionate and kind conductor can help shift your mindset.

In this exercise, you will be writing out a few things,  to simply bring them to your awareness.  The best place to start with mindfulness is learning to be more aware and less on auto-pilot.

You will be writing 5 negative things you say about yourself. These things can become habitual if we have not been practicing awareness.  Things like:

  • I will never be good enough
  • How can I be so stupid?
  • Things are so unfair
  • Life sucks

These are neither kind nor truthful.  They do not encompass the full truth, which contains a lot more positive things about you. More often than not, these thoughts are triggered by some event or memory.

More than likely these thoughts have become a habit; built and reinforced by years of conditioning.

By bringing them into your awareness, it opens the door to compassionately and mindfully shift them

Let’s start……….

Take 3 normal breaths

feel” the air as it comes in through your nose and out through your mouth

Grab your pen and…….

List 5 negative things you say to yourself

List 5 emotions or body sensations that occur when you write each thought

What are the next 5 things that pop into your mind?

Write 5 things you would say to someone you love if you heard them say these things out loud.

NOW… Ask Yourself

Is there a different way to see this within me?

What is my current perspective hiding from me?

To move forward, what are the 5 things that could replace the original thoughts?

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