Gift of Gratitude

Most of my life, I have felt that I have walked on an unbeaten path. While those on the outside may not have seen that, I felt it on the inside. It felt, as if, I traveled the careful and calculated road of responsibility and “adulting”, while on the inside was the stirring of constant childlike wonder and the passionate pursuit to discover just what makes the imagination soar. Living in the clouds, they would say. Somewhere over the rainbow, others saw. But simply an inner longing for ways to bridge the connection to my authentic self, that inner voice of art and blowing bubbles and dancing on a whim, the freedom of not wanting to care what others thought of me with who I thought I was suppose to be.

Walking my unbeaten path involved metaphysical forms, eastern religious practices, and an undying curiosity of all the things from tarot cards, astrology, numerology, essential oils, mindfulness, meditation, the moon’s energy, and much, much more. The pursuit of finding a connection to that undefined source, the one that puts you in a flow that creates great things, the one that you believe in your heart but others think are a little “off”. Not rational, Not realistic. But for me, the belief so strong, it couldn’t be stopped. It was put aside because others would think you were crazy. At the same time the overwhelming inner thoughts were driving you crazy more.

Today I am grateful to that unbeaten path and the steps I take along that road. I want to share my gratitude and for today and tomorrow (11-24-19 and 11-25-19) one of the mindful seeing e-books, “Off the Beaten Path” is my gift to you. Simply click on the book image and it will take you to Amazon. (BTW it is an affiliate link) If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle Reader app on to any device!

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  1. Beautifully written Julie! I loved your description of that ‘undefined source’ and unbeaten path.

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