For the love of science

While I am an artist and a writer, I have had a lifelong interest in science, particularly how the brain works. Science theories have always come easy for me but I have a deep fascination, almost a passion, in regards to how the brain works. I guess that is one of the driving forces behind my pursuit into mindfulness.

So, first I need to tell you, these are only my own thoughts and opinions. I am certainly not an expert by any means. I am only sharing my own thoughts, opinions, and of course, google research.

Most of it started with a curiosity of how much our bodies are affected by the way we think. I have been in pursuit of this understanding when I started to look at how the words we use and their perceived, and personal meaning, affect us. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions all start with our personal meaning and definition of words. Hence, self-talk comes into play.

This curiosity led me to look more deeply into what parts of the brain affect things like depression, anxiety, ADHD, addiction, PTSD, and our personalities. Mental health has long been set aside to the pursuits of physical health. It is my personal belief, if we put more focus into our mental health our physical health would come more naturally.

My own personal experience in over coming a binge eating disorder and putting my PTSD in remission, ALL came from the focus on my thoughts. I was introduced to yoga, meditation, and the stories we tell ourselves and how to change them. What I have found most successful, through my own personal experimentation, is my personalized practice of mindfulness. Being mindful of the brain regions affected by the hippocampus, amygdala, frontal lobe, and the limpic system continues to fuel my passion.

Mindfulness techniques, in small doses, rather than simply meditation, can help with depression, anxiety, addiction relapse prevention, chronic pain and even ADHD. I am finding that bridging the science with spirituality serves me best. My practices of mindfulness include the principle of the universal laws. And yes that includes the law of attraction. So, my hope with that combination, there might be something for everyone!

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