Support and Peace for your pain

Support and peace for your pain


Get comfortable.

Place both feet on the floor.

Feel your feet planted solidly on the ground.

Take 3 slow, natural breaths.

Now, take 1 deep belly breath.

(where you fill your belly with air and feel the exhale travel up from the belly, past your lungs, and out of your mouth).


Imagine you are in a serene setting.  Your favorite place to be.  The beach, the park, near a lake, in a grove of trees, outdoors in the warm sunshine, indoors near the air conditioner, you choose.


Now, imagine you are surrounded by loving family, friends, imaginary strangers, even your fur babies, that have nothing but love, kindness, support, and adoration for you.


Imagine the warmth you feel knowing that they are all here to support you, comfort you, and gently help to alleviate the pain you are feeling.


Imagine you are wrapped in a warm circle of light, gently touching any area of pain, discomfort, or tension.


Settle into the emotional feeling of some of the discomfort and tension leaving your body.  Feel that, truly feel what that would be like.


When your ready, slowly switch your thoughts back to the present moment and focus on your feet.  Feel the sturdy support of the ground under your feet. Visualize the warm circle of light now leaving through your feet and attaching to the ground.


Grab your pen and paper and answer these questions.


What was this like for you?

Did you notice any shifts in your emotions or physical senses?

Was any part of this difficult for you?

How was it to openly accept the love and support?

What did you learn about yourself?



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