Art & Business – What’s Your Vision?

I don’t know about you but the task of writing a business plan has always been a daunting task for my artist’s brain.

I often froze at the first thing – The executive statement * Crickets*

The summary of your business plan with market analysis, product or service, financial analysis, mission statement.  Can you say right brain paralysis?

But on the other hand, I am a gal that likes to have goals and visions of my future.

So, breaking the plan down into a vision statement and then breaking down the vision into small achievable steps where I can still be my artistic creative self, appeals to me.

For the rest of the month, I am working on my Vision Plan.

Ahhhh…a much better feeling for me.  AND I want you to play along with me.  We can keep each other accountable.

I have a fun and creative idea for bringing this and the community of mindful misfits together and a great way to get to know each other.

I created my first “vision board” using my FAVORITE website – CANVA. It is called MOOD board in the templates which suites my personality even better.

It’s an amazing place to design and create all the visuals to not only support your business but to spark your creativity for your social media!   (Just click on my vision board at the top to check it out)

I love it so much I have a monthly subscription but there is a free version (not just a free trial)

Go play.  I give you permission!   Once you have designed it come back here or to my youtube post and leave the picture or a link and let’s share the vision!


Have a fun and creative day!


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