Mindfulness is living B.I.G


In my journey to a mindful lifestyle, it has been a blending of values.  My biggest hurdles have been setting boundaries with integrity while setting boundaries.

When you are in recovery for co-dependency, boundaries are blurred.  Learning to put yourself first while still living with your generous heart and with integrity becomes a juggling act.

Let’s look a little deeper.

Boundaries –  something that shows where one thing ends and another begins.  In relationships, there needs to be a space where one person is and another is.  No two people are completely alike.  Most of us are taught early on that our significant other is our other half.  Learning to be able to set healthy boundaries can only come once we realize that each person is a whole, not a half.

Integrity – something that is whole and undivided. It means being honest and showing consistent actions that adhere to your own inner values and morals

Generosity – Being kind and generous.  Generous means to give more than is necessary or unexpected.

Living B.I.G.  means that you are whole, honest and generous with yourself FIRST.

What is something you can start doing to living B.I.G?


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