Losing Track of Time

It’s been since the virus pandemic started since I have Lea on my blog.  Certainly stress and a world wide pandemic can make your routines and priorities change on a dime.

It was one week before my “Leap into Mindfulness” workshop that I posted the brief teasing post for “As Above, So Below” and left it hanging with My thoughts coming soon.

I, as many of you, have spent the last 6 months living moment to moment.  The stress and anxiety has affected us all as we move into an entirely new way of self-care with masks, social distancing and facing the unknown everyday.

Now, more than ever, mindfulness is needed to ward of the effects, not only of a deadly virus, but also the virus of fear and negativity that is running amok in the hearts and minds of society.

This time of reflection, reprioritizing life, and honing in on my purpose in life has been one of the best gifts that could have occurred within the constraints as life as we know it now.

My intentions and my next steps become clearer each and everyday.  I have completed my goal of certifications in several areas of  life coaching that are near and dear to my heart. I am ready to put action behind my thoughts and step up to my potential.

What has the pandemic  made you realize about your life?


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